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  • [Python] Core_Python_Programming_Wesley.J.ChunPrentice_Hal ... ? This is the developer s guide to Python development! q Learn the core features of Python as well as advanced topics such as regular expressions, multithreaded programming, Web/Internet and network development, GUI development with Tk(inter) and more
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  • [C/C++] network.tar.gz ... 了,作罢。 POSIX Multithread Programming Primer.pdf //介绍pthread很不错的一本书,比如说介绍cancellation,它同时会对照win32,OS/2等实现的区别。 OReilly - Network Security with OpenSSL Ebook.pdf //对信息敏感的数据传输必须用ssl加密,配上openssl的源代码看书很不错。 mysql_MySQL Cookbook - Solutions and Examples for ...
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  • [Unix_Linux] ccp-span.tar.gz ns-2 code for coverage and connectivity protocol for wireless sensor network
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  • [C#(.net)] getIP.rar to get computer network IP
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  • [Python] Twisted.Network.Programming.Essentials.zh-cn.chapt 网络框架Twisted.Network.Programming.Essentials.zh-cn.chapter.2
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] chpass.zip 修改 Network 网的密码
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  • [Windows_Unix] Network Program for Windows.rar 内含《Network Program for Windows》该书的所有示例源代码,对于那些正在学习Windows网络编程的人有很大帮助。
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] netstuff.zip This program queries the network and shows the Domains/Servers/Workstations structure. It also shows the users of each Server or Workstation and can send messages to the selected PC. This programs works only on a Windows NT 4.0 Machine! 查询 ...
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  • [Windows_Unix] Introduction.To.Telecommunications.Network.Engine Introduction To Telecommunications Network Engineering
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  • [Unix_Linux] resourcesharerwitbackup.rar * To protect our network from unauthorized users. * Access permissions are allowed only to valid users. * Resources can be shared between the client and the server. * Server can take a backup copy of what the client request. * Server also prepare ...
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