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  • [Others] usefulfordownloadingbooks.zip it is the procedure how to download books fron google,very useful ,u can download all technical books
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  • [VBA] Excel_2007_VBA_Programming_for_Dummies.rar Excel VBA programming for beginners. You should read it first before any other book
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  • [PDF] NPDesign.zip those who work for common carriers and other communication service providers will find much of the material useful and certainly insight into the user (customer) perspective on these issues is valuable.
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  • [Others] List-of-Free-EBooks-Sites.rar List of free e-BOOKs site to download, try it yourself.
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  • [Matlab] Engineering_-_Matlab_Programming.rar matlab based simulation books
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  • [PDF] SerialATA-Revision-2-6-Gold.rar ... Native Command Queuing (NCQ). The link supports full duplex but the protocol only permits frames in one direction at a time. The other non-data direction is used for flow control of the data stream. Figure 2.1. The layers of the SATA protocol SATA’s ...
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  • [Matlab] Complete_Idiot_s_Guide_To_Sign_Language.rar matlab based books and simulation
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  • [PDF] 8051_books.rar these are set of books which help for microcontroller coding
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  • [Others] Smartcard.rar ... applications is covered! Fully revised, this handbook describes the advantages and disadvantages of smart cards when compared with other systems, such as optical cards and magnetic stripe cards and explains the basic technologies to the reader. This book ...
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  • [PDF] automationplc.rar ... they offer. • Cost effective for controlling complex systems. • Flexible and can be reapplied to control other systems quickly and easily. • Computational abilities allow more sophisticated control. • Trouble shooting aids make ...
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