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  • [C/C++] maze1104.rar 走迷宫 Find a path through the maze to any space character in the perimeter of the maze. Paths through the maze are denoted by a space character and walls by any other non white-space character (apart from . characters).
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  • [Others] world.zip The data for supermap.i have other data,if you like ,you can contact me by the QQ.
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  • [C/C++] wapuniverse-src-latest.zip WAP browser is based on the Wireless Application Protocol web browser, WAP1.3 will enable mobile phones and other devices connected to the Internet, browse the Internet website.
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  • [Others] createyourownnetwork.rar ... ? Create Your Own Home Networks is a unique book that will show you how to make your home computers talk to each other while sharing files, music and printers. The most common networking tasks are presented in project-format that doesn t require any in- ...
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  • [Delphi] GetFocusControlOtherThread.rar Get focus control on other thread.
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  • [Others] Oreilly.ADO.Dot.NET.Cookbook.eBook-LiB.rar ... every recipe contains a complete, documented code sample showing you how to solve the specific problem, as well as a discussion of how the underlying technology works and a discussion of alternatives, limitations, and other considerations when appropriate
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  • [Asm] low-battery.rar Firmware: U600XEHI2 The patch allows you to use a camera, MP3-player, video player, voice recorder, JAVA and other features previously unavailable in a discharged battery. And as you will no longer get the message, sound and vibration! Authors ...
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] A_Database1825931252004.zip This a simple database management system. It doesn t use any other code (i.e. ODBC, ADO, etc.) and has it s own database file format. I wrote it because I found the other DBMSs code too bulky and hard to debug. It s designed for small ...
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] Zigbee.zip This is a 802.15.4 simulator for star topology. This provides energy consumption, throughput, delay, and many other performance metrics.
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  • [PDF] Coexistence-Studies-for-3GPP-LTE-with-Other-Mobil Coexistence Studies for 3GPP LTE with Other Mobile Systems
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