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  • [Asm] erpp.rar ... a strong small and medium-sized ERP management system, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, manufacturers and other production, material inventory management. The main features include storage of materials, raw material consumption, inventory ...
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  • [Others] X._ListViewEx.rar the listview could edit title and some other function
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  • [PowerBuilder] pfc10_danish.zip ... a leg up on you by using class libraries. Your competition that is using PowerBuilder. Your competition that is using other development tools. Why are you letting yourself lag behind by not building on functionality that has been built by experts and ...
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  • [Matlab] genetic.zip ... code works in terms of fitness values (higher better) results, however, are reported for the loss values of actual interest. This code does not work with constraints on theta values other than those directly associated with thetamax and thetamin.
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  • [Matlab] 3dtrans.zip ... Denavitt-Hartemberg parameters. Conversion between the above orientation systems can be easily achieved. The three files work independently on each other, but since they work on the same objects it is somewhat useful to keep them in the same folder. ...
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  • [Objective-C] OReilly.Cocoa.In.A.Nutshell_2003.zip ... a Nutshell begins with a complete overview of Cocoa s object classes. It provides developers who may be experienced with other application toolkits the grounding they ll need to start developing Cocoa applications. A complement to Apple s documentation, ...
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  • [Unix_Linux] cacti-0.8.7b.tar.gz Monitor tool for linux and other
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  • [C/C++] ant.wsn.zip ... as militar survival, traffic control, building security, scientific research in other planets, etc. This project presents a communication protocol for ... fuzes data from a node and sends it to every other sensor and then to the base station. All ants look ...
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  • [Matlab] gmr.zip GMR returns the gyromagnetic ratio and other NMR properties for various nuclei as well as the electron. Besides the function format, the command format will work as well, e.g. "gmr Na23 hzpt 3.0
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  • [Windows_Unix] AISBasicTheoryandApplications.rar The interest in studying the immune system is increasing over the last few years. Computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, philosophers and other researchers are particularly interested in the capabilities of this system
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