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  • [PDF] ComputationalComplexityAModernApproachSanjeevArora The strive for eciency is ancient and universal as time and other resources are always in shortage Thus the question of which tasks can be performed eciently is central to the human experience
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  • [Asm] 1303.rar Introducing the Enhanced microchip company PIC16 other function
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  • [Java/JSP] IsbnChecker.zip ... of the preceding digits. Note that the ISBN publisher code and item code can in some cases be 3 and 5 digits long respectively rather than 2 and 6 digits shown in the example above. In other words 978-3-161-48410-0 would also be a legitimate ISBN.
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  • [Java/JSP] WebServicesandServiceOrientedArchitecture.rar ... technical detail is added in a “peeling of the onion” approach. Forces affecting the adoption of Web Services and other integration techniques are analyzed. The growing impact of Web Services is explored along with beliefs about enterprise architectures. ...
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  • [Matlab] etd-tamu-2004A-AERO-Lee.rar as same as my other books useful for myworld.
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  • [Others] 001.zip English Japanese and other Language
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  • [C#(.net)] AnalogClock.zip This program create graphics analog clock and other settings parameter in the notify icon.Create by VS2005 C#.
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  • [HTML/CSS] 1.turism.rar ... on the designing of the Indian Tourism web site using simple HTML code and its very easy to under stand. To vies the source go to the view of the explorer and find its source code. the main.html is the main html file which links to the other files.
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] QRCode.rar sample QR Code for Interface Other Application Software
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  • [PDF] Satellite.Communications.rar other satellite book, hehe, tha ho nha
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