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  • [Unix_Linux] mpegedit_v2.2.tar.gz MPEG-1 video stream editor for Unix systems running X windows. Cut, paste, insert, import and export frames as bitmap files, insert other MPEG-1 video files, apply complex effects such as fades, wipes, and cross fades
    所属类别: mpeg/mp3 上传用户:chenxx100 文件大小:328K
  • [C/C++] teacher.rar 2003 - 2004 学年度(下)C++ 课程设计题目 实现简单的教师信息管理系统,使用到了链表,定义了一个 TeacherList 类,可以实现简单的插入,查找,删除等功能,涉及到二进制文件的读写操作。
    所属类别: 其他 上传用户:zsdfjy 文件大小:3K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] FileSystemMonitor.zip ... applications can do dynamic monitoring of any specified directory. Once changes have occurred and are detected, the spy application can run various tasks ( run antivirus, log activity, determine more information about changes, call other tasks etc).
    所属类别: 其他小程序 上传用户:abc969abc 文件大小:20K
  • [C#(.net)] C_Sharp.rar This book is intended for the students and other people studying language С #
    所属类别: 其他书籍 上传用户:yipeiming 文件大小:2456K
  • [C#(.net)] C_Sharp_02.rar This book is intended for the students and other people studying language С #
    所属类别: 其他书籍 上传用户:wylf563 文件大小:4521K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] RunPE.rar Run one PE file on context of other
    所属类别: 其他小程序 上传用户:chirj2005 文件大小:15K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] SSD1289_1_3.zip TFT240320 demo GUI graphics LCD TFT display.. Demo code, and other requirements
    所属类别: 其他书籍 上传用户:hyhbj2004 文件大小:753K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] ax.25.zip Program for ax.25 (The AX.25 protocol offers both connected and connectionless modes of operation, and is used either by itself for point-point links, or to carry other protocols such as TCP/IP and NetRom.)
    所属类别: 其他嵌入式/单片机内容 上传用户:hopeful_zs 文件大小:1K
  • [C/C++] chess.rar chess game where you can play with the system you can also play with the other player
    所属类别: 其他游戏 上传用户:kled81 文件大小:4K
  • [C/C++] Toggle_Pin_Keil.zip you can toggle LED s in xc166 easy kit. if you change the port, other s LED can toggle also.
    所属类别: 其他嵌入式/单片机内容 上传用户:zlh0619zlh 文件大小:89K