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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] vbYuAogis.rar 用vb与AE实现 基本的功能包括各种查询、漫游、渲染生成专题图、测距等基本功能都有数据自己用自己的 改下程序就好了 数据就不传了
    所属类别: 其他小程序 上传用户:bst807 文件大小:47K
  • [Delphi] ftpkf.rar ... small FTP client that has the following features: * The Right pane (Remote view) accepts files from explorer and other applications * Uploading and downloading multiple files * A Convienent Site manager * Remote Folder creation * Remote File renaming and ...
    所属类别: Ftp客户端 上传用户:sip0539 文件大小:41K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] PingPro.zip This a utility that allows you to ping other computers. It includes other utilities, such as one that allows you to get information about the local machine and encrypt/decrypt files.
    所属类别: 系统/网络安全 上传用户:lcjz888 文件大小:24K
  • [C/C++] dolphin-0.2.10-src.zip ... ++ only, requires a modern compiler; Lexical analyzers can be configured to get symbols from any input class (built-in support for std::istream, std::wistream and FILE *); Designed to work with Whale, but can work standalone or interface to other parsers.
    所属类别: 编译器/解释器 上传用户:fjjgood888 文件大小:82K
  • [C/C++] ATL Internals源码.rar ... . Those chapters all reference various aspects of this single project. The source code for the BullsEye control (chapter 10 example) is in the BullEyeCtl project. The source samples for the other chapters are provided in the Chapter XX sub-directories.
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  • [C/C++] wachserver.rar ... then instaff s computer installment customer end, manager may know asnecessary each staff is making any, if the staff makes other matter,manager may transmit the warning information, simultaneously gets downstaff s behavior memory, intense recommendation.
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  • [C/C++] tingchechang.rar 这是一个简单的停车场管理程序,实现了车辆入库、出库、登记、计费等功能。用C编写的
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] UExpert.rar u盘不要重复上载同一源码, 站长审核合格后才能开通帐号。如果不想上载源码,可以成为【VIP会员】获得帐号 如果其他会员下载一次您上载的源码,您的可用下载数就会增加1次。更多说明请参看[帮助说明] 您(googlemoon@163.com)最近上载的源码有:
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  • [MultiPlatform] time_graph.rar 在tcl中绘制随时间变化的图形.该源程序需要其他程序配合使用.
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  • [Unix_Linux] astguiclient_1.0.3.zip This program was designed as a GUI client for the Asterisk PBX with Digium Zaptel cards and SIP VOIP hard or softphones as extensions, it could be adapted to other functions, but It was designed for Zap/SIP users. The program will run on X and Win32.
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