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  • [PDF] automationplc.rar ... they offer. • Cost effective for controlling complex systems. • Flexible and can be reapplied to control other systems quickly and easily. • Computational abilities allow more sophisticated control. • Trouble shooting aids make ...
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  • [C++ Builder] sloc134.zip Other rfid to can read
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  • [C++ Builder] sloc149.zip other rfid comprimed info to ti
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] Pro.ASP.NET.2.0.Website.Programming.zip Category ASP & ASP.Net CGI & Perl PHP Jsp Database WebPage Design Server Office System Network Game Magazine Exam Comic Other Development Communication Society Business MultiMedia
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  • [C/C++] Quake.tar.gz My port of QuakeGL to linux and other i386 unices
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  • [C++ Builder] Doom.tar.gz My port of Doom3D to linux and other unices
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  • [PDF] BananaDescriptors_en.rar ... provide the basic information used for the general management of the accession (including the registration at the genebank and other identification information) and describe parameters that should be observed when the accession is originally collected.
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  • [PDF] Deceit.rar converting strings from one character mode such as a case , a string type mode and into other encoding methods
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  • [PDF] dvrp.rar a meta heuristic approach to the dynamic vehicle problem with time windows. Also includes other approaches and comparison of results
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  • [Matlab] watermarking.rar this is introduction of watermaking and other method of hiding
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