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  • [Others] M3GExport.zip ... graphics, M3GExport lets use sophisticated features of M3G format like skeletal animation, morphing meshes, triangle stripping and other useful optimisations. M3GExport for Maya is available in two editions, Limited and Standard. The Standard version ...
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  • [PHP] PHP5ForDummies.rar ... the most common uses of PHP. It shows how to write scripts for Web sites, file manipulation, databases, and other common tasks. It provides techniques and shortcuts and warns against common errors. Both beginners and experienced programmers can write ...
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  • [Python] PremierPressGameProgrammingwithPythonLuaandRubyebo ... , flexible, scalable, and well-integrated programs and systems. For the same reasons that these languages have been great choices for other projects, Python, Lua, and Ruby also are great for making games. This discovery, in fact, was made over a decade ...
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  • [C/C++] ship17.zip Ship version 1.7--utility to encode, split, and mail binary data and reconstruct the data at the other end (ship will unship).
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  • [C#(.net)] DOTNETMobile.rar ... to this are the custom control examples from the second half of Chapter 15 and from Chapter 16. These are only in C#, not because you can t use Visual Basic (or any other language the .NET Framework supports, but because we didn t have time to do it!
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  • [Unix_Linux] ProfessionalLinuxProgramming.zip ... and even the Linux kernel itself. You will learn about the unique components of a Linux system that really set it apart from other UNIX-like systems, and you will delve into the inner workings of the system in order to better understand your role as ...
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  • [PDF] ComputationalComplexityAConceptualPerspectiveOdedG The strive for eciency is ancient and universal as time and other resources are always in shortage Thus the question of which tasks can be performed eciently is central to the human experience
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  • [Java/JSP] myApriori.zip apriori java 实现 * A program to find association rules with the apriori algorithm (Agrawal et al. 1993).<br> * Other than the standard apriori algorithm, this program enable to find<br> * apriori all relation.
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  • [Pascal] RTL8369v3_5.zip ... for use in battery-powered systems, the low quiescent current, 50mA operating and 16mA in shutdown, make them an ideal choice. The quiescent current is well controlled it does not rise in dropout as it does with many other low dropout PNP regulators.
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  • [C/C++] biosig4c++.rar BIOSIG is an open source software library for biomedical signal processing. Library works well with Octave and Matlab. Special emphasis is put on EEG/MEG/ECoG, but also other types of biosignals like ECG, EMG, etc. are supported.
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