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  • [C/C++] shapelib_1_2_9.zip Source code, and some other odds and ends can be downloaded from http://shapelib.maptools.org/dl. C语言的shape文件操作库
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] astyle_1.15.3_win32.rar ... to create the wanted indentation. Moreover, some editors by default insert spaces instead of tabs when pressing the tab key, and other editors (Emacs for example) have the ability to "pretty up" lines by automatically setting up the white space before the ...
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  • [C/C++] Real.Time.System.Design.and.Analysis.rar ... Defense Forces, MIT’s Charles Stark Draper Labs, and many other places. These visits and interactions with literally hundreds of students ... design and implement real-time systems. This approach is somewhat different from that of other texts on the subject.
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  • [Matlab] Swarm_Intelligent_Systems.rar ... : a position and a velocity. These particles wander around the hyperspace and remember the best position that they have discovered. They communicate good positions to each other and adjust their own position and velocity based on these good positions.
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  • [Others] Ruby.by.Example.Concepts.and.Code.Jun.2007.rar ... . Ruby is flexible, meaning that you can program in any of these styles however, it is primarily object oriented, with some strong functional influence. This book focuses slightly more on the functional aspects of Ruby than some other books.
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  • [DOS] motorcontrol.rar This document teach about the theory of motor control such as H-bridge and other theories such as PID control, PWN.
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  • [VHDL] sd_IP.rar SD card controller can just read data using 1 bit SD mode. I have written this core for NIOS2 CPU, Cyclone, but I think it can works with other FPGA or CPLD. Better case for this core is SD clock = 20 MHz and CPU clock = 100 MHz (or in the ratio 1:5). ...
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  • [CHM] SVM.rar An Introduction to Support Vector Machines and Other Kernel-based Learning Methods。一本关于支持矢量机的英文入门书籍。
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  • [PDF] spra755a.rar ... TMS320LF240x DSP devices. Two functionally equivalent example progra ms are presented: one written in assembly language and the other in C language. Detailed discussions of each program are provided that explain numerous compiler and assembler directives, ...
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  • [Matlab] hash.rar ... representation that describes a surface of an object. Sometimes, the surface is represented just as a set of triangles without any other information and the STL file format, which is used for data exchanges, is a typicalexampl e of this situation.
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