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  • [Asm] Book_FunMCS51.zip Philips P89C51Rx2 code library can be easily adopted for other MCS-51 family. Innovative Experiment Co.,Ltd.
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  • [Matlab] CIELAB.rar ... additional term must be added to consider the difference between the color of the background and the color of the target. In other words, if at present the contrast between the target and the background is an "intensity" contrast, the new contrast should ...
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  • [C/C++] Tech.zip ... skill set. If the interviewer goes to a part of your skill, which you are not comfortable with, try to divert his attention to some other part in which you are an expert. Try to explain things in a simple way and be precise in your answers. If you don t ...
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  • [Windows_Unix] PBHComm-30Min.zip About effective communication between each other in work time.
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  • [Windows_Unix] Electronic_Patient_Record.rar electronics patients record documents to show alll the recoreds formats and other varients
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  • [Others] ECGamp.zip ... designer format USB Interface, PIC18F4550 Microcontroller, Right-Leg Drive Circuit and Ready for Optical Isolation. Operates with 2 x 9 V batteries. Important: Do not use this circuit with any other DC or AC sources. Just battery for your safety.
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] osnovy-kodirovanija.rar this books about DSP and other interesting things
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] 1.rar other way is if you have a lot of money, you don t need to do nothing of this.
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  • [Java/JSP] linkcheck.zip ... in Java The Java Link Checker spider is a simple spider that I wrote in Java to check for invalid links on a web site. The spider portion is well isolated and could easily be used in other Java projects where you need to spider through a web site.
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  • [C/C++] DS18S20.rar ... DS18S20 Dallas Semiconductor 1 wire protocol, for the microcontroller´ s family HCS08 of Freescale, the lenguage is C ANSI, in the compiler CodeWarrior, so its very easy to emigrated to other microcontroller, in this project I use the MC9S08QE32
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