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  • [Others] Leon UNIX source co 莱昂氏UNIX源代码分析莱昂氏UNIX源代码分析- The Leon UNIX source code analyzes the Leon UNIX source codeto analyze
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  • [C/C++] MD5KeyGen_v10.zip ... ++ derivative of the original C implementation of Professor Rivets. The library code itself is platform-independant and has been tested in Redhat Linux. I ve included the sample code and makefile that I used for the Linux test. The demo ...
    所属类别: 数值算法/人工智能 上传用户:kyt006 文件大小:127K
  • [C/C++] cpphtml.zip Cpphtml is a utility to convert your C++ code to HTML. If you have a C++ file, say myprogram.cpp, ... your website, you can run it through Cpphtml which will convert the code to HTML with all comments, keywords and preprocessor directives highlighted. Cpphtml ...
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  • [C/C++] search.rar tabu search code you can see it freely
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  • [Others] ShengYuPad_Test_ok.zip USB Pad test source code with SL811 usb host ic
    所属类别: 单片机开发 上传用户:miaoqi_zm 文件大小:24K
  • [Others] GameCubeJig_LastCodeFile.zip Garme Cube PAD test source code
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  • [Unix_Linux] code.rar 《嵌入式Linux-硬件,软件与接口》一书中的源代码
    所属类别: 嵌入式Linux 上传用户:v555horse1 文件大小:84K
  • [C/C++] DdEdE.zip ... .I made this class with the help of Tom Archer s source code found on the CodeGuru Web site. For my personal application, I ... . I performed many searches but only the "Tom Archer" source code satisfied me. From his code, I decided to create a class to give ...
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  • [Others] ProcessMB_demo.zip First off, I tried to comment the code as much as possible to save you the pains I went through. These ... http://www.codeguru.com/advancedui/ProcessMB.htm-First off, I tried to comment the code as much as possible tosave you the pains I went through. These ...
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  • [Java/JSP] ClientGUI.rar swing component example code illustrating JTabbedpane and JPanel.
    所属类别: Java编程 上传用户:dlx178 文件大小:2K