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  • [Others] Scaner-Database.rar 即使你的电脑上没有装任何数据库也没关系,本软件能够帮你浏览其内容,简单实用!
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:ldlvyang 文件大小:85K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] tester.rar vb.net code for database: -connection listbox fill, delete and multiselectionscast combobox and datagrid dataset and so on...
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:hnzhs007 文件大小:3K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] JC_Persist154070272003.zip ... framework is an abstract database layer that manage transactions in a transparent maner to the developer in any relational database, focused on Object oriented programming, mappings your objects with the database through an XML configuration file.
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:wllnbnh 文件大小:181K
  • [Java/JSP] Database.rar 这是一个我个人实现的数据库,这个数据基本功能都俱全,而且支持复杂的查询功能,如子查询,多表查询,多表连接等。
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:bdrejx 文件大小:237K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] 702-261342-Database.zip database of library management system and it s use in as a database table
    所属类别: 压缩解压 上传用户:chihaijian 文件大小:146K
  • [C/C++] database.rar 这是一个数据库入门的完全教程。数据库系统概论 An Introduction to Database System
    所属类别: 其他电子书 上传用户:hanzhen80 文件大小:4874K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] database.zip 学生管理系统 数据库 pb做的,实现简单的更删改查
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:chinakmai 文件大小:777K
  • [Visual Basic (VB)] Database_Data_control.rar ... more complicated example and make use of the MSFlexGrid Control to interface with a database built in MS Access. It s a really cheap CD Collection database so you can have a nice cheap computer list of all the CDs you own. It s ...
    所属类别: 数据库系统 上传用户:wsy98011 文件大小:10K
  • [C++ Builder] database.zip Simple database for 2-5 person. You can store name, lastname and phone number and edit in any way. For student which start with C++ language.
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  • [Windows_Unix] notes.zip These are database notes
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