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  • [C/C++] c program4.rar ... 。- Manufactures many different sizes using the rectangle functionthe rectangle, manufactures in the many sizes different ellipse usingthe ellipse function, forms to have the perspective effect the graph.
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:chinawnuo 文件大小:1K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] graphBrian_demo.rar 该代码是一个绘图源代码。设计了一个绘图类cgraph,可绘制bar graph,line graph,pie graph,scatter graph等各种不同类型的图形。
    所属类别: 绘图程序 上传用户:ptmled 文件大小:612K
  • [Others] Maximum.matching.algorithm.in.general.graph.o(n^3 A matching on a graph is a set of edges, no two of which share a vertex.
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:nancy_6872 文件大小:784K
  • [C/C++] GRAPH.rar Given the edge set Draws the graph.......
    所属类别: 绘图程序 上传用户:tangyi0510 文件大小:1K
  • [Matlab] graph.zip 用于图模型算法的一些简单程序graph.zip
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:kalanlu 文件大小:51K
  • [PDF] Graph-basedImageSegmentation.rar A good material about Graph-based image segmentation,hope it is useful for those who need it
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:smeserp 文件大小:5347K
  • [PHP] graph-php-scripts_2623.zip php crypt an s to facilitate the creation of dynamic graph and give a professional look to your web page
    所属类别: 绘图程序 上传用户:zibtjing 文件大小:18K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] Graph.rar Graph window example, you can make game 2d from this source
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:hrbhsjnkj 文件大小:1757K
  • [C++ Builder] graph.zip A Graph tool in c++ so helpfull for graphic matters
    所属类别: 绘图程序 上传用户:aini292 文件大小:1K
  • [C++ Builder] Graph.rar This program is written by me to create a graph.
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:xuezhong4 文件大小:1K