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  • [Matlab] OFDMsimulator.zip The simulator GUI is started with command ui_start in Matlab command window. WLAN simulation starts by clicking the ... A bug in file rx_gen_chan_amps.m fixed. This bug affected performance in fading channels. April 15th 2003: Changed the code not ...
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  • [Windows_Unix] ElectromagneticSimulationusingtheFDTDmethod.zip The theory of finite difference time domain. IThe purpose of the book is to learn by doing in a quick way.
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  • [C/C++] ThinkingCplusplusCode.rar 这个是Thinking in C++第二版书中的源码。这本书可以算是最难得一本C++学习丛书。
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  • [Others] Cambridge_Handbook_of_Physics_Formulas.zip PDF - Physics formulas useful also in software/electronics/algorithms design or simulations
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  • [PDF] dos4.rar ... program for DoS attacks. Then we take a deep research in the methodology of DoS attacks and simulate two typical ... problems associated with defending against DoS attacks are also discussed. In short, our simulation attack programs can help examine the ...
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] 3D-Math-Primer-for-Graphics-and-Game-Development- ... geometric problems algorithmically. 3D math and computational geometry have applications in a wide variety of fields that use computers to model or reason about the world in 3D, such as graphics, games, simulation, robotics, virtual reality, ...
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  • [C/C++] SettingExample.rar setting example in symbian OS C++
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  • [C/C++] FDTD_PatchAntenna.zip FDTD simulation of patch antenna in Sullivan s text
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] ad.rar code of pathfinder In this file you can see a source of a pathfinder robot that works with 11 ir sensor
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  • [C/C++] linecodeFCN.rar this are some line codes for the digital modulation in matlab
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