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  • [Matlab] ychen_jasp_software.zip ... code that implements the two algorithms (i.e., Algorithms 1 and 2 in [1], or Algorithms 4.1 and 4.2 in [2]) used ... toolbox [3] is used to solve the second-order cone programming subproblems in the two algorithms, and must be installed in order for this ...
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  • [C/C++] ex13_1.rar eeprom of pic18 的書籍源碼範例程式,運行於APP001實驗板上的C source code
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  • [Matlab] Sigma_Delta.rar ... o implement . Key building blocks f or realizing t he noise cancel2 lation , including t he delay va riable PFD and comp ensation cur rent source , a re sp ecially designed. Bot h t he behavior level and circuit level simulation results a re p resented.
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  • [ASP/ASPX(.net)] asp07073004.rar A good code for EXAM,you can use it in the every area
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  • [PPT] NCTUns5.0.rar ... and emulator is developed at NCTU, Taiwan. Its predecessor is the Harvard network simulator (invented by Prof. S.Y. Wang in 1999). By using a novel simulation methodology, it can do several tasks that traditional network simulators cannot easily do.
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  • [C/C++] algo.rar c++模板源码中的第一章节algo,方便你学习时参考,应该会对你有所帮助
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  • [C/C++] cont.rar c++模板源码中的第一章节cont,方便你学习时参考,应该会对你有所帮助
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] fo.rar c++模板源码中的第一章节fo,方便你学习时参考,应该会对你有所帮助
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] iter.rar c++模板源码中的第一章节iter,方便你学习时参考,应该会对你有所帮助
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  • [C/C++] memory.rar c++模板源码中的第一章节memory,方便你学习时参考,应该会对你有所帮助
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