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  • [Visual C++] autosrc.zip 根据上次用户登录的信息使NT以后不需要输入用户名和密码而自动登录的程序
    所属类别: Windows编程 上传用户:wxnggg 文件大小:21K
  • [Others] ieee_information.rar ieee投稿须知,The IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine publishes high quality applications & infrastructure papers ... in medicine and biology and will further address the implementation and management of the broad spectrum of health care ...
    所属类别: 文章/文档 上传用户:fcscheng 文件大小:25K
  • [MultiPlatform] AN-1013.zip μC/OS-II and the Xilinx MicroBlaze
    所属类别: uCOS 上传用户:qztaibang 文件大小:331K
  • [C/C++] chmdeco-0.2.rar CHM decompiler is a program that converts the internal files of CHM files back into the HHP, HHC, and HHK, etc. used to compile the documentation. CHM decompiler是一个把CHM 文件的内部文件转换成 HHP, HHC,和HHK等的程序。它用于编译文件。
    所属类别: 其他 上传用户:meishi 文件大小:47K
  • [C/C++] TableViewSQL.zip The CTableView class - CListView-based grid for really huge datasets CTableView 类一个基于CListView的网格类,用于显示非常巨大的数据集
    所属类别: 界面编程 上传用户:zhanghw123 文件大小:104K
  • [C/C++] XMLGUI_doc.zip ... a tool for developing user-customizable applications. A user can change the size and position of any control on dialogs, form views ... of the controls using any language; change styles of the controls; add or remove controls to/from dialogs, forms, and pages ...
    所属类别: xml/soap/webservice 上传用户:cprsensors 文件大小:76K
  • [C/C++] infobar.zip This bar is similar to the Outlook, Outlook express, or Front Page 98 editor. It is useful to display application specific information with text and bitmaps. You can change dynamically 信息 ...
    所属类别: 界面编程 上传用户:jhighg 文件大小:46K
  • [Visual C++] drawgraph.zip 一个用于图形学算法演示和面向对象概念深入理解的开源软件. 具体说明可看
    所属类别: 图形图象 上传用户:qdsansheng 文件大小:185K
  • [Others] ProcessMB_demo.zip ... environment without full testing first!First, I am trying the tortuous path which many explanations thesecodes asks you little ... , you should not notcomprehensively test on set them in the development environment!Origin: Http://www.codeguru.com/advancedui/ ...
    所属类别: 界面编程 上传用户:xmjtzsg 文件大小:54K
  • [C/C++] c经典源程900.rar 包含按键扫描,字符处理到数学运算、功能函数等从初级到深入的各类源程序。
    所属类别: 其他 上传用户:sm3628021 文件大小:140K