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  • [Windows_Unix] 802.11.Wireless.Networks.The.Definitive.Guide..rar 802.11.Wireless.Networks.The.Definitive.Guide,英文版无线权威指南,对无线局域网802.11协议的详细分析,比看IEEE的协议好懂多了,对于从事无线局域网和城域网研究设计的人非常有用
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  • [CHM] XML.Web.Services.And.The.Data.Revolution.rar ... . Written for business and technical professionals, this book revals the true value of XML for distributed information systems. It ... manage data and build software systems details the opportunities the language offers for organizatoins that understand tis ...
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  • [PDF] The-World-is-Flat.rar 著名书籍《世界是平的》的电子版,英文名字是《The world is flat》
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  • [JavaScript(JS)] OReilly.JavaScript.The.Definitive.Guide.5th.Editio ... chapters that explain everything you need to know to get the most out of JavaScript, including: Scripted HTTP and Ajax XML processing Client-side graphics using the <canvas> tag Namespaces in JavaScript--essential when writing ...
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  • [CHM] The.Assembly.Programming.Master.Book.rar The Assembly Programming Master Book--一本介绍Win32下的汇编编程的好书,书中涉及Win32的方方面面,从内存管理、文件操作到DLL编程、网络编程以及调试、代码分析、内核驱动程序开发。是Win32下学习汇编语言开发不可多得的好书,CHM格式,英文版。
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  • [PDF] The.Ultimate.Guide.to.FreeBSD.rar The.Ultimate.Guide.to.FreeBSD 通向FreeBSD的终极向导!从安装到服务,由浅入深,看完必将成为高手!
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  • [Others] The.Accredited.Symbian.Developer.Primer.Fundamenta The Accredited Symbian Developer (ASD) Examination is fundamentally based on the content of existing Symbian Press books, with the C++ curriculum deriving from general C++ literature. Arguably, if you own the core Symbian Press titles and a solid C++ ...
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  • [C/C++] Designing.Components.with.the.C++.STL.rar ... s library." Jim Armstrong, President 2112 F/X, Texas. \n The C++ Standard Template Library (STL) represents a breakthrough in C++ ... . With it, software developers can achieve vast improvements in the reliability of their software, and increase their own ...
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  • [CHM] The.Shellcoder.s.Handbook.Discovering.And.Exploiti ... up security holes in software applications and operating systems. But by the time you download a patch, it could be too late. ... book will help you stay one step ahead. It gives you the tools to discover vulnerabilities in C-language-based software, exploit ...
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  • [Visual Basic (VB)] sim-the-window-of-MSN-move-and-jump.rar sim the window of msn move and jump
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