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  • [Matlab] GPS-INS-Matlab-code.rar GPS-INS-Matlab-code,是关于GPS_INS位置组合Matlab的仿真源码
    所属类别: matlab例程 上传用户:water_road 文件大小:670K
  • [Others] OReilly.Beautiful.Code.Jun.2007.eBook.zip Beautiful Code by O Reilly.
    所属类别: 其他书籍 上传用户:ruiteng888 文件大小:3022K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] code.rar 主要利用MFC和OPENGL所開發的CODE,內容有5個FILE,包含3D地形模擬,星空模擬,水的波動,爆炸效果,霓虹效果模擬
    所属类别: OpenGL 上传用户:lansing 文件大小:5925K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] MCI_STATUS-Example-Code.zip MCI_STATUS Example Code
    所属类别: Audio 上传用户:lezinn99 文件大小:1K
  • [C/C++] code.zip ... does not work with the 16F family. During devlopment the driver was tested on a real PIC16F84A (as opposed to software emulation). To make sure nothing has been broken, I have just recompiled the code using SourceBoost 6.0 and it compiled without error.
    所属类别: 驱动编程 上传用户:huayuchuju 文件大小:2K
  • [Matlab] code.zip This code helps to fuse pet and ct scan images.The file untitled.m opens the interface to load and fuse.Demo images are provided in the folder for reference.This code achieved a performance of .7/1
    所属类别: 其他 上传用户:wjfckcom 文件大小:312K
  • [Matlab] code.zip this code is in Matlab.and this code od for Speaker recognitoin system.
    所属类别: matlab例程 上传用户:xt20082 文件大小:311K
  • [VHDL] code.rar code for booths multiplier
    所属类别: 文章/文档 上传用户:pengxq9898 文件大小:2K
  • [C/C++] code.rar this code is code c++. have many lesson
    所属类别: Windows编程 上传用户:siia_ljj 文件大小:960K
  • [Matlab] code.rar it is also corner detection code
    所属类别: 软件设计/软件工程 上传用户:ryjz207 文件大小:1K