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  • UMDCreator_Source.rar 一个根据配置文件命令行方式的UMD创建UMD电子书的源码
  • 1111.rar C语言精彩编程百例 其中包含电子书以及书中包含所用的源代码
  • SDKexample.rar 《windows程序设计》及其源代码,windows SDK程序教程,api大全,以及api详解电子书配套的代码都已打包好,用SDK调用api实现,有贪食蛇,俄罗斯方块,还有弹球打砖块,还有扫雷及其外挂的实现.
  • Beginning-Android-Games.zip 国外《Beginning Android Games》电子书配套源代码,对从事安卓游戏开发的工程师有很好参考作用。
  • Beginning-Android-Tablet-Programming.zip 国外《Beginning Android Tablet Programming Starting with Android Honeycomb for Tablets》电子书配套源代码,对从事安卓平板应用开发的工程师有很大参考价值。
  • Beginning-iPad-Develop-for-iPhone.zip 国外《Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers Mastering the iPad SDK》电子书配套源代码,对从事iPhone和iPad专业开发的工程师有很好参考价值。
  • Invent Your Own Computer Game with Python

    "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python” is a free book (as in, open source) and a free eBook (as in, no cost to download) that teaches you how to program in the Python programming languag

  • WebGL Up and Running ... ) Language: English ISBN-10: 144932357X ISBN-13: 978-1449323578 eBook Description: WebGL: Up and Running Understand core 3D graphics ... final chapter Get to know the Three.js open source library in detail Develop working knowledge of graphics rendering, ...
  • Programming Windows 5th Edition ... in the book as well as executable files. You can open the source files in the Microsoft Visual C++ environment or in your favorite ... book: 1. Choose Run from the Start menu. 2. Type D:\EBook\IE4Setup\ie4setup.exe (where D is your CD-ROM drive letter), ...
  • 50 Android Hacks ... is just a couple of pages long and includes annotated source code. These practical techniques are organized into twelve collections ... marked. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. ...