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  • [Others] Ruby_Cookbook_Source.zip O Reilly Ruby Cookbook source code
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] MyFirstMFCworkspace.rar 书籍:Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days 第一章的源码: 所有的源码都是我边读边写的,已经通过了VC6得便宜,适合VC6得初学爱好者,希望大家一起学习进步 书的在线地址,第一章: http://poincare.matf.bg.ac.yu/~filip/nm/Seminarski/VC-21days-short/ch01/ch01.htm
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  • [C/C++] et3b4.zip ... of highly interactive applications with consistent user interfaces following the direct manipulation principle. The ET++ class library is implemented in C++ and can be used on several operating systems and window system platforms. Since its initial ...
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  • [Others] Cisco.Press.Cisco.Voice.Gateways.and.Gatekeepers.A Cisco Voice Gateways and Gatekeepers ebook
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  • [C/C++] code.rar Thinking in C 电子书的源代码
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  • [C/C++] dist10.zip ISO mp3 sources (distribution 10) Layer 1/2/3, C Source, 512 k Sources of the Mpeg 1,2 layer 1,2,3 audio encoder and decoder distributed by the ISO group in charge of the MPEG.
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  • [Matlab] CCSystems2e_matlab.rar Matlab Source Code Book Name:Comtemporary Communication System Using Matlab, 2nd Edition, John G. Proakis
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  • [PDF] tracking.rar A multi-hypothesis approach for salient object tracking in visual surveillance
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  • [Others] 200792714934170.rar ... 2001. UvA Trilearn 2001 is a robotic soccer simulation team that consists of eleven autonomous software agents. It operates in a physical soccer simulation system called soccer server which enables teams of autonomous software agents to play a game of ...
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  • [Matlab] CDMA.rar The source codes are from the "Simulation and software Radio for mobile communication" It contain the channel model and CDMA Transmitter and receiver.
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