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  • [WORD] zshuc_linux驱动设计.rar 《linux驱动开发》,做linux设备驱动的必看,对其他操作系统下的也有帮助,而且是中文的。
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  • [PHP] xoops-chinese_2.09.zip 在综合英文版XOOPS 2.09, 2.091, 2.092 的基础上正式发布XOOPS 2.09中文版 XOOPS 2.09x 版主要是PHP5升级、bug修正和安全补正: 1 全面兼容PHP 5.x 版本 2 修正PHP 4.3.10以下版本中可能存在的安全漏洞 3 与XoopsUser::isAdmin() 相关的bug修正 4 升级Smarty至2.6.5版 英文版其他说明参考: http://xoops.org.cn/modules/news/article.php?storyid=126 ...
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] 猜单词游戏 .rar 一个猜单词游戏,由计算机或一方给出一个单词,另一方根据单词的个数猜出单词。
    所属类别: 其他智力游戏 上传用户:walter653 文件大小:975K
  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] JPEG_DEMO_2.rar ... Gladstone, Jim Boucher, Lee Crocker, Julian Minguillon, Luis Ortiz, George Phillips, Davide Rossi, Guido Vollbeding, Ge Weijers, and other members of the Independent JPEG Group. IJG is not affiliated with the official ISO JPEG standards committee.
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  • [Delphi] release1.rar 实现企业内部、外部人员的及时沟通与联系,信息的交流,数据的更新等功能
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  • [C/C++] animal-0.15.0.tar.gz Animal is AN IMAging Library written in C. Its simple API supports over 80 image formats, and is intended to make massive use of other image processing libraries. Animal aims at image analysis and recognition. It is mainly the C basis of the SIP toolbox.
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  • [Unix_Linux] glibc-linuxthreads-2.3.tar.gz ... for Linux. LinuxThreads provides kernel-level threads: each thread is a separate Unix process, sharing its address space with the other threads through the new system call clone(). Scheduling between threads is handled by the kernel scheduler, just like ...
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  • [Visual C++ (VC++)] OPCclientprogramsour 用VC写的OPC客户端。直接可以使用。 有详细的说明。OPC服务器请选择WINCC 其他的也就不多说了非常好的代码-
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  • [Matlab] Optical_Character_Recognition.zip ... (OCR) is to classify optical patterns (often contained in a digital image) corresponding to alphanumeric or other characters. The process of OCR involves several steps including segmentation, feature extraction, and classification. This program use Image ...
    所属类别: 图形/文字识别 上传用户:quxuansha 文件大小:49K
  • [Matlab] 2DLDA_PK_LDA_for_feature_extraction.zip ... validity of our claim and show the matrix-based methods are not always better than vector-based methods in the small sample size problem on the other hand, we compare several distance measures when the feature matrices and feature vectors are adopted.
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